Al nawa management and HRD consultants observed their second staff gathering at safeer ball room on FEB 28.

Alanwa group has crossed ober 20 successful years in the world of recruitment & training. from past to present Al Nawa has been engaged by different sectors,companies & ministries for recruitment of experts in their fields.

presently it is a part of the triangle involving the ministry of manpower , various colleges of Technology & Vocational centers and Al nawa who are collectively serving the education system in oman and maintaining standards at part with rest of the world. During his welcome note the Founder and CEO of the Group Bilal khamis Al Khabori said "Nothing great ever be achieved without great men and women, and men and women are only great if they are determined to do so" He has led and guided the group for last 20 years and successfully established 3 wings of the company viz. Al Nawa Management and & HRD Consultats, Al Nawa for Egineering,Trade and Construction and Al nawa Engineering Consultants. Besides the launch of the website of the company during the gathering , there was an extempore competition which was won by Abdullah salm EID al balushi , English lecturers in Ibri college of Technology. Dr Rupeet kaur from HCT and joseph bashi from Ibri College were also amongst the winners